June 6, 2016

Mergers & Acquisitions

Westlake Securities advises clients on both sell-side and buy-side transactions. Our team of highly seasoned M&A professionals has been involved in the successful completion of over 80 transactions in a variety of industries, both domestically and internationally. In a sell-side role, Westlake represents the seller of a business in a proactive marketing process. In a buy-side capacity, Westlake represents the buyer or investor to approach and facilitate a transaction with a target business.

We have experience in all types of transaction structures, including:

  • Complete sale of a business
  • Partial sale or divestiture
  • Majority recapitalization or sale to private equity investor
  • Minority recapitalization for partial monetization of equity
  • Strategic buy-side acquisition advisory
  • Ownership restructuring

Westlake has an extensive global network of relationships with strategic corporate buyers, private equity investors and hedge funds, giving us a unique ability to target relevant buyers or sellers of businesses over a wide range of industries and transaction sizes.

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If you have already been approached by a buyer for your company, why bother using an investment bank?

A multi-offer situation with a skilled negotiator in your corner gives you maximum negotiating power. When your company gets to middle market size, financial deals are more complicated, with many moving parts. We are professional negotiators and work to get you the very best outcome in an efficient time frame. We have helped some clients get more than twice as much for their company as the initial buyer had offered. While every company is different and every sale different, our diligence and advisory process keeps both buyer and seller honest and satisfies regulatory requirements. Our diligence process attracts a higher quality buyer and provides greater certainty of the deal successfully closing.

Our M&A advisory assignments typically involve companies with enterprise values ranging from $10 million to $250 million.


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