Prepare your middle-market company for big possibilities

Fractional / Interim CFO Services

Reduce RISK, reduce financial surprises, and maximize Your Company’s Value

Outsourcing a fractional / interim CFO has become an essential practice for many middle-market companies as they prepare for financing or a large transaction. The industry has shown how significantly valuation can be impacted by perceived risks when investments are considered. Financial information, systems, reporting, and processes have to be as clear as possible to potential investors and lenders.

Westlake Securities is a leading middle market investment banking group dedicated to helping companies reach financial, operational, and growth goals. We collaborate closely with our clients to determine what it will take to achieve the desired level of growth and/or liquidity.

We offer CFO services to assist with CFO transitions, help companies prepare for a financing or equity event, and help the transaction process move as smoothly as possible. We clean up, build forecasting models based on business drivers, structure financials and reporting, identify team gaps, and find ways to maximize a company’s value.



Planning and preparing for institutional investment and/or lenders

Ensuring financials are audit and due diligence-ready

Create visibility so clients can anticipate where issues will arise and truly understand greatest areas of profitability

Financial reporting and analysis that delivers trends, patterns, and performance information that is actionable

Work with clients’ accounting teams to optimize and drive effectiveness

Financial planning and analysis

Strategic planning, building, and developing finance and accounting teams

Process improvements — creating and implementing processes, and designing systems to lead companies to build financial strength and clarity

Software and system assessment, scoping, planning, and implementation to provide better, actionable information

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