Reach your business goals and create new ones

Fractional Marketing Services with a Growth and Value-Building Approach

Let us help you put your best foot forward to drive shareholder value

A fractional / interim marketing team can make a world of difference in how your company is perceived. We can identify ways to maximize the value of your company, and help you reach and exceed your goals. Utilize our dedicated marketers as an extension of your team to help you take things to the next level.

Fractional marketing services can maximize the visual representation of a brand in the marketplace, illustrate opportunities within the landscape, and create a tangible view of the future. We assist you in developing a perception that reflects your potential for growth. 


At Westlake, we believe in acting as an extension of our clients’ teams. Our mission is to always seamlessly integrate as we 
look to identify ways to maximize your company’s value.


Branding and Positioning

Marketplace/ Landscape Assessment for growth plans, 
addressable market, M&A & capital raising

Elevated Marketing and Sales Materials to reflect the company’s real value and potential

Identify resource gaps and opportunities

Evaluate team, resources, and spending relative to YOUR future vision

Identify greatest opportunities for growth, new products, 
or key strategies

Visualize Points of Difference and strengths

Assess/evaluate growth-focused marketing plans and efforts 
and optimize (or create) as needed

Strategic planning and tactical possibilities to maximize ROI

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